W.I.E.C. Launch Program

Western International English College understands that everyone's financial situation is unique and that starting out on a new career can be expensive, but we don't want cost to be the reason to stop anyone from pursuing their dreams. We also want to support the ESL community with high quality teachers, trained in high quality courses. For these reasons, Western International English College has created the W.I.E.C. Launch program that aims to give those with financial constraints an opportunity to become certified with a globally recognized TESOL - TEFL Certificate. How it works is simple. Click on the button below, send us an email, tell us your story and what you can afford and we will do everything we can. Our graduates change lives, we like to do the same.
Launch Program

Giving Children a Fair Chance

Everyone deserves a start in life.

Western International English College believes every child has a right to begin life with a fair chance.  A start with freedom and laughter removed from poverty, violence, and sickness.  

10% of every dollar earned by WIEC gets donated to these respected organizations that are heavily involved in global initiatives focused on children.